Italy-based Rainbow Studios is releasing new CG-animated series Mermaid Magic on Netflix globally on August 22.

Created and produced by Iginio Straffi (Winx Club), Mermaid Magic is set in the underwater world of Mertropia and follows the adventures of Princess Merlinda and her inseparable friends, Sasha and Nerissa. These warrior mermaids embark on an epic journey to the surface world to fight the wicked pirate Barbarossa, who is draining the ocean’s magic. The series blends magic, action, humor, and emotions; tackling issues such as ocean conservation.

Mermaid Magic is a show that pushes the boundaries of animation quality for TV. Every frame is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, creating a visual feast that truly brings the underwater world to life. This show is not just about stunning animation; it is about compelling storytelling. Our characters are richly developed and their journeys are both relatable and inspiring. We’ve woven a narrative that captives audiences of all ages,” said Straffi, creator and founder of Rainbow. “Mermaid Magic is a perfect blend of breathtaking visuals and strong, emotional storytelling. We can’t wait for audiences to dive into this magical underwater adventure with our mermaid warriors”.

Head writers Rich Burns and Nancy Cohen (Spirit Riding Free) bring depth to every episode, while showrunner Guy Bar’ely (Minions, Kung Fu Panda) guarantees a show that’s as dynamic as it is entertaining.

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