The total of all television deals for the rights of the U.S. National Basketball Association games reaches $76 billion over 11 years.

The NBC television network is negotiating a $2.5 billion a year package for 100 games per season. Amazon is paying $1,8 billion a year for regular-season and playoff games. Disney is paying $2.6 billion a year for a package that includes the NBA Finals. These deals would go into effect after the 2024-2025 season.

The NBA is trying to catch up with the National Football League, whose TV rights are garnering $10 billion a year. Despite the fact that the NBA has lower average ratings than the NFL, basketball has more games and a younger audience than football.

In addition, as reported in The Wall Street Journal, the NFL is tangled with a class-action suit that could cost the League $21 billion. The suit alleges that the NFL violated anti-trust laws for the sale of its exclusive “Sunday Ticket” telecast package for out-of-market games.

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