During Ramadan 2024, the media and entertainment landscape across the Middle East and other regions with Muslim communities saw a surge in media consumption driven by unique cultural and social dynamics.

TV channels across the region scheduled primetime dramas specifically produced for Ramadan, featuring themes of faith, morality, and community. Special Ramadan-themed talk shows and variety programs provide nightly entertainment featuring popular hosts with scholars and celebrities’ guest appearances, reinforcing communal bonds.

In celebration of Ramadan 2024, VoD service Shahid launched two pop-up channels: Ramadan “Ma’na_GCC” and Ramadan “Ma’na_series.” Similarly, STARZ ON launched two cooking channels in partnership with Roya Media Group: Roya Kitchen and Chefman.

Digital platforms witnessed a notable increase in user engagement. TikTok reported an 8 percent rise in entertainment content consumption as users sought light-hearted and culturally relevant distractions. Sports content on the platform experienced a 22 percent increase; while food and drink content surged by 23 percent.

YouTube continued to dominate Ramadan media consumption, especially among Indonesian viewers seeking spiritual and personal development content. The platform’s search data indicates a 2.3-fold increase in queries related to Islamic and Muslim lifestyle topics compared to the previous year. Furthermore, interest in health and wellness is evident, with a 60 percent increase in downloads of weight training videos, reflecting a trend towards maintaining physical health even during fasting periods.

Streaming services like Shahid and MBC Ramadan adjusted their content offerings curating special sections for Ramadan dramas and religious programming. These platforms reported a spike in viewership, with drama series being particularly popular.

Source: DICM

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