Kids’ entertainment specialist CAKE has signed a deal with ITV on two seasons of animated comedy adventure The Guava Juice Show. Produced by Vancouver-based Mainframe Studios and Studio 71, the 26 x 11’ series is set to stream on ITVX later this fall.

The Guava Juice Show follows the wacky and wild adventures of 14-year-old Roi and his best friends, fearless fellow teen Jenny and Guava, a risk-averse neurotic talking fruit, as they work at a mysterious curio shop and travel to fantastical parallel worlds throughout the multiverse in a magical bathtub.

The Guava Juice Show is a YouTube Original and stars Roi Fabito, creator of the Guava Juice YouTube channel, which has over 16.8M subscribers and is the inspiration for the series.

The series was created by John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky and Dan Williams. Fabito, Mainframe’s Gregory R. Little and Studio 71’s Michael Schreiber are executive producers along with Michael Hefferon, Adam Boorstin and Hazlett, Sawatsky and Williams.

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