For five days, Italy’s RAI will be enjoying record TV audiences for its 74th annual Sanremo Music Festival — which started on February 6, 2024 —averaging 10 million nightly viewers.

So far, among the highlights of the program was a performance by John Travolta that included a few steps of the “Chicken Dance” (called the “Duck Dance” in Europe), usually performed at weddings.

For his performance, the 69-year old Hollywood star was reportedly compensated only for travel expenses ($200,000) by RAI, but it was pointed out that he was paid $1 million by Italian shoe manufacturer U-Power, which supplied the sneakers that Travolta wore on the RAI show.

For many years the Italian music competition has been popular not as much for the songs it produces, as for the antics of its participants. Gone are the days when songs like Volare and Quando Quando debuted at the glitzy Festival and became worldwide hits.

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