“We have grown by 18 percent since the beginning of the year, while the other European television broadcasters are decreasing on average between 16 percent and 18 percent”, stated the CEO of Italy’s MFE-Mediaset, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, speaking to the press today.

He reported, “Mediaset’s advertising sales in Italy in the month of October grew by 8.3 percent, and in November by 9 percent.”

Berlusconi then continued, “We have tried to accelerate on the synergies with the Spanish activities and we have succeeded: we have already achieved about half of the synergies planned, that is, between 27 and 30 million.”

As to ProSieben’s plunging dividends, he explained, “We closed last year with a profit of 216 million euro. It is clear, that the ProSieben issue can make a difference, but we are counting on a profit over 200 million euro even without the ProSieben dividends”.

At the moment France’s Vivendi, which, directly or indirectly, owns approximately 23 percent of Mediaset’s shares, is not permanently exiting the shareholding because Mediaset’s stock market prices are not at the levels stipulated in the agreements.

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