New 2D animated series Pipo, Pepa & Pop introduces economics and finance to children aged 5 and up. The series will be launched by Italian pubcaster RAI on the Rai Yoyo channel and on free VoD platform Rai Play on December 2.

Pipo, Pepa & Pop is created by sisters Fiorella and Maria Elena Congedo together with Rai Kids, with the scientific consultancy of the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, established by the Financial Times, and supported by the Apulia Film Fund and Regione Puglia.

In each seven-minute episode, featuring a combination of comedy, music, adventure and quizzes, young viewers will get to know siblings Pipo, Pepa, and their dog Pop, as they overcome emotional problems typical of children their age. They manage everyday life situations involving financial-economics issues, and interact with Adam, a Scottish elf – a character inspired by the father of modern economics, Adam Smith – who lives in a magical piggy bank in the company of his butler Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

The first 26 episodes of the series are currently available.

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