Under the Creative Romanian Film Makers banner, 11 Romanian companies are poised to make a significant impact at AFM 2023. These companies represent a cross-section of the Romanian film industry, showcasing the country’s talent and creativity in filmmaking:

23Film: A boutique production company specializing in visually captivating content, 23Film focuses on documentaries and feature films. Its latest feature film, Friday the 3rd, is now in post-production, and the company is also working on an online documentary series highlighting the Roma people.

Alien Films Entertainment: With over 40 film projects and 25 years of experience in media and TV, Alien Films Entertainment offers production services for international projects, emphasizing international collaborations and original content.

Chainsaw Europe: It leads in film, advertising, and business by providing comprehensive post-production solutions. Using cutting-edge Avid technology, it offers digital post-production services.

Filmlab: Renowned for award-winning documentaries and commissioned works, Filmlab partners with clients such as HBO Europe, IKEA, Amnesty International, and BBC World Service to deliver excellence in cinematic storytelling.

GAT Transilvania Films: A boutique production company based in Transylvania, GAT Transilvania Films focuses on artistic integrity, commercial viability, and visionary practices in contemporary cinema.

Idea Film Distribution: Specializing in concept development and final product delivery, Idea Film Distribution draws from its 16 years of experience in film and commercial production to enhance clients’ visual and storytelling concepts.

Libra Films: An independent film and TV production company, Libra Films is known for documentaries like Cinema, Mon Amour, and international projects like Between Two Dawns.

Mandarin Studio: As a leading player in the media and entertainment industry, Mandarin Studio specializes in product placement and influencer marketing, connecting with international audiences through storytelling.

Professional Film Partners: With a state-of-the-art studio, Professional Film Partners handle all aspects of film production, from pre-production to post-production, while collaborating with established filmmakers.

Saroa Film: Known for its award-winning debut film On Hold, Saroa Film excels in connecting with diverse audiences and delivering top-notch content.

Transilvania Film: Established in 2003, Transilvania Film is a prominent distribution company focusing on arthouse films in the national market. It maintains a balance between European National and Non-National titles and aims to attract a wide array of films.

These 11 trend-setting companies, unified under the banner of Creative Romanian Film Makers, span the realms of production, post-production, and distribution. Sponsored by The Romanian Agency of Investments and Exterior Trade, the AFM will offer a comprehensive view of the country’s diverse and thriving film industry.

Romania’s cinematic journey is rich, marked by artistic innovation and resilience in the face of financial and political challenges. Artists like Aristide Demetriade and Grigore Brezeanu made significant contributions to the nation’s film scene, while the post-1940s political climate forced a complex balance between fantasy and commentary. Following the 1989 revolution, Romania’s cinematic landscape witnessed a revival, venturing into socio-political themes, artistry, and commercial filmmaking. This period gave rise to internationally acclaimed works, including Four Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days.

Creative Romanian Film Makers is a one-stop-shop for all aspects of filmmaking, from location scouting to production, distribution, and financing. This collaborative effort highlights Romania’s capacity to provide a wide range of resources for the global film industry.

The Romanian Agency of Investments and Exterior Trade plays a crucial role in supporting Romania’s presence at AFM 2023. The agency’s mandate encompasses a wide range of economic and trade activities, including attracting foreign investments, promoting foreign trade, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Exploratist is an agency with over a decade of experience in international festivals, fairs, and B2B, B2C, and B2E events, and it is instrumental in bringing the Creative Romanian Film Makers showcase to life.

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