“I’ll see you in about three weeks at MIP Cancun,” said many folks at the end of MIPCOM, including the three TV executives pictured above, who were among the few Latin participants at the Cannes market. The bulk of the LatAm contingent is instead expected to converge shortly in Cancun.

But for some of the 900 participants committed for MIP’s Mexican event, the trip from Cannes to Cancun will first involve a detour to Santa Monica, California for the American Film Market (AFM), which will start on October 31, 2023.

Then, just before heading to Mexico, many of the MIP Cancun participants — the Turkish contingent in particular — will have Singapore on their minds, since the Asia TV Forum (ATF) will open in that city-state on December 5, just 18 days after MIP Cancun.

Plus, Cancun’s sunny and warm weather will not, unfortunately, alleviate the participants’ concerns about the next markets in Miami, Florida, taking place a month later, in January 2024.

Yes, the talk in Cancun will be about FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television), which is entering the LatAm TV market rather quickly, but the question most likely to be asked among MIP Cancun participants is “Which Miami market will you be attending: NATPE Global or Content Americas?” This is because 2024 will begin with two competing TV markets held one after the other in Miami.

The trade press that traditionally trails these international events like a bunch of groupies will once again do its job covering each market, starting with the AFM, then moving to MIP Cancun, and we at VideoAge will cover it all with a LatAm-FAST focused printed and digital November Issue. After that, expect to see December copies of Asia-themed VideoAge Issues being distributed at the ATF, as we’ve done since the market started.

In Miami, VideoAge will be at both markets with one shared printed (and digital) edition and two separate dailies (both printed and digital) since both markets are expected to receive good support from the international TV industry.

Pictured above from l. to r.: Roxana Rotundo of the Miami-based VIP 2000, Liliam Hernandez of the Miami-based Universal Cinergia, and Cecilia Gomez de la Torre of Lima, Peru’s Tondero Distribución.

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