Little Dot Studios (an All3Media Company) has partnered with Novocomedy to run Novocomedy’s official YouTube and Facebook channels, including management, content creation and monetization.

Little Dot will leverage Novocomedy’s existing library to social platforms for the first time. In addition, it will develop a targeted distribution plan, with a particular focus on key comedy content areas; the first channel to be launched will be Novopranks.

François-Xavier Poirier, president of Novocomedy, commented:After years of leading the B2B market of funny family programming, it was time for Novocomedy to take a leading position on YouTube and Facebook. With successful tests of the past years, we have come to the conclusion that our short funny programs were well suited for those platforms and what we needed was the right partner, one that would give our huge library its full potential. After researching the market, it became obvious that Little Dot Studios was the perfect fit for the job. We’re very excited to work with this very professional company.”

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