Enough with the scorching summer weather in the North! Let’s move to the Southern hemisphere for some refreshing weather! The MIP Africa market is approaching and even though Cape Town, South Africa — where the second annual MIP Africa is being held — is not as cold as, say Buenos Aires, Argentina, the end of winter will be more than welcomed.

Also to be welcomed is the August/September edition of VideoAge, which hits computers, smart phones, and tablets near you this week. What should one expect? Naturally, a timely preview of MIP Africa and a reality check about it. There will also be a preview of MIPCOM Cannes. We’ll be giving you a reality check on that market, too, plus a look into the large number of participants and exhibitors that are expected, and explain what the Cannes market represents for other fall markets.

On the Issue’s front cover you’ll notice an unusual article about AI that reveals the human side of the Artificial Intelligence loaned to language dubbing.

Inside, the Issue will cover a pressing Emmy dilemma (a dilEmmy, if you will) about how to describe the various genres in competition.

And, of course, the edition will not be neglecting the Venice Film Festival, which kicks off this week and, this year, in the absence of American stars (due to the Hollywood strikes) will see an abundance of Italian movies and stars.

The book review will cover the drama of the Oscars, which has been a favorite and recurrent topic for VideoAge over the years. One could imagine that all of its issues have by now been touched upon, but no, VideoAge has managed to uncover new problems with the famous awards show.

On the calendar page, before scrolling through various markets’ dates, there will be a letter to the E.U. Commission about airlines’ human rights abuses.

Finally, the My2¢ editorial will feature Canada, but not because of a lack of news. No, this time, Canada is “kicking ass.”

To read the September 2023 Issue on line, link to: https://www.videoagedaily.com/digitalissues/PDF/Video%20Age%20International%20September%202023/index.html

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