Studio 100 Media has licensed a family programming package to Prime Video for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The deal comprises the entire seasons of the popular CGI series Heidi, Maya the Bee, Mia and me, Nils Holgersson and Vic the Viking, live action series House of Anubis, as well as the original 1975 series and animation classic Maya the Bee. More than 450 episodes of Studio 100 Media’s brands will be available on Prime Video’s streaming platform in the German-speaking territories over the next few months.

Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 Media, said: “I am very delighted to announce this strategically important agreement with Prime Video. A large part of our best-known series will now be available on this prominent platform in German-speaking countries, thus enabling us to entertain an even broader audience by showcasing our most successful brands and their captivating stories. We firmly believe that the increased presences on Prime Video will have a positive impact on our Licensing & Merchandising division.”

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