SPI’s drama hub Dizi is expanding its reach in Western Europe through Prime Video Channels. Dizi’s slate of Turkish series can now be accessed in Sweden and Germany via an additional paid monthly subscription package on Prime Video Channels. The package offers a SVoD model, allowing viewers to select the shows they want to watch at 2.99 EUR per month in Germany and 34 SEK per month in Sweden. SPI’s linear channels and SVoD packages are accessible on Prime Video Channels worldwide, in territories such as the U.S., the U.K., the Netherlands and Spain.

“Expanding the reach of Dizi through Prime Video Channels is a fantastic opportunity for us to share our carefully curated selection of high-quality Turkish series with a wider audience in Western Europe,” said Georgina Twiss, managing director of Western Europe and Africa at SPI International. “We’re thrilled to offer an ever-growing slate of addictive shows to viewers in Sweden and Germany, building on the strong start we’ve had in Spain and the Netherlands. With Dizi, the Home of Good Stories, we are committed to bringing compelling storytelling to audiences worldwide.”

“We’re excited to expand our Prime partnership to Germany and Sweden with Dizi, which marks a new chapter in our commitment to covering the world with great entertainment. Through this partnership, we are forging a stronger bond with our customers in Western Europe, delivering on our promise to provide unparalleled access to quality content and seamless entertainment experiences across all screens,” added Haymi Behar, CMO & CDO at SPI International.

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