The 60th annual L.A. Screenings ended on Saturday for the independents with screenings and a cocktail party hosted by Telefilms at the Century Plaza hotel. But Saturday was also the beginning for the major studios’ screenings, and it all started with NBCUni, which also hosted a Fast X reception.

The studio screenings continued on Sunday, and included a party thrown by Fox on its studio lot, as well as a Sony party at the Sony studio. Today, Monday, VideoAge and some of the contingent of content buyers are at the Paramount lot for screenings and lunch. This evening, MGM and Warner Bros. have separately invited buyers for drinks.

The studios’ screenings will continue up until Thursday, May 25, each day with a different group of buyers at various lots. Also on Thursday, VideoAge‘s Water Cooler will publish an update from the Fox, Paramount, Sony, and Disney lots.

To recap this past week’s indies event, the first day, Wednesday, started slow, but things picked up on Thursday, and became even busier on Friday, with some aggravation caused by the slow elevators (especially annoying as participants weren’t able to use the stairs since the fire doors did not allow for re-entry).

Thursday and Friday were also when the Content LA conference took place at the Century Plaza. The event attracted many production and development executives. On Thursday, on the floor above Content LA, another conference took place, called Focus on Latin America. In terms of recreational activities, there were cocktails hosted by Parrot Analytics at the nearby mall, and Content LA’s own opening day party at the Century Plaza, in addition to the aforementioned Telefilms cocktails.

These L.A. Screenings saw the return, after many years, of the Italians, with Publispei exhibiting with a table, while South Africa made a first appearance as a participant (without exhibiting) with Multi Choice. Meanwhile, the Spaniards were present as exhibitors with several companies, including public broadcaster RTVE.

Pictured above: Publispei’s Ilaria Pagano and Verdiana Bixio; RTVE’s Javier Quevedo Perez and Teresa Migoya Calabia; Multi Choice’s Mauro Black and Fahmeeda Cassim Surtee; Telefilms’ Tomas Darcyl and Ricardo Costianovsky with a group of buyers at their screenings.

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