The Philippines’ ABS-CBN has announced the premiere of Mars Ravelo’s Darna on Indonesia’s free TV station ANTV, and the airing of drama series Viral Scandal in 41 African countries.

Mars Ravelo’s Darna is a modern-day retelling of the adventures of Filipino superhero Darna. It recently premiered on Indonesia’s ANTV, dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia, and it’s airing on weeknights in the Philippines.

The series, based on the classic comic book series by Mars Ravelo, tells the story of Narda, an ordinary girl destined to inherit and protect the powerful stone that grants its user extraterrestrial strength and abilities.

ABS-CBN’s Viral Scandal makes its way to African viewers with the English-dubbed version; it’s currently airing in 41 Sub-Saharan countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Seychelles, and Ivory Coast. The drama series follows the Sicat family, whose life gets disrupted by a scandalous video involving their daughter, Rica.

ABS-CBN showcases Filipino content of all genres in more than 50 international territories, selling over 50,000 hours of content.

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