Time flies when you’re having fun, but was 2022 fun? Yes, we returned to a “new” normal life after the pandemic, but we also saw the destruction that “Mad Vlad” wreaked upon Ukraine.

We saw the welcoming in-person return of all major international film/TV trade shows, but also saw the demise of NATPE.

We saw the invaluable contributions of local TV stations during natural disasters, but also witnessed their resources being siphoned off by their owners’ money-losing streaming platforms.

VideoAge‘s biweekly Water Cooler feature had 94 total posts, with stories about every major event that affected the international entertainment industry, but is unable to formulate a response as to whether 2022 was a good year or not. We will leave that decision to our readers:

The Water Cooler started 2022 declaring that “The Current Streaming Model is Unsustainable,” and it closed the year with the end of Wall Street’s Infatuation with streaming.

In between it featured reports about TV in LATAM, the “Future of French Public TV,” the “Korean Wave in Entertainment,” the inevitable Italian controversy (“Film Festivals and TV Fairs Are Not Compatible“), as well as a bit of Britannia, “Why We Love to Hate the BBC.”

There were also reports on “The Art of Film Restoration,” “Propaganda vs. Information,” “The Task of Replacing Old Media,” and “Movie Theaters Plans A, B & C.”

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