Here are some suggestions for film-TV trade shows that have gone green (i.e., environmentally savvy), in order to keep participants from turning green with frustration or aggravation — especially if only a QR code is available to find exhibitors’ locations.

*If a trade show eliminates plastic holders for registration badges, they should make the badges out of heavier paper, so that they don’t constantly flip over.

*If a trade show does away with its market guide, they should be sure to print flyers with companies’ booth numbers or hang large posters with the booth numbers in key spots around the convention centers.

*For those trade shows that eliminate guides and flyers listing booth numbers, use the in-house magazines (or dailies) distributed at the event to list the exhibitors’ booth numbers.

*If a market doesn’t have a printed in-house daily, it should provide a PDF file formatted for printing with the exhibitors’ stand numbers to trade publications distributed at the market so that they can use it in their magazines.

*The exhibitor badges should have attendees’ booth numbers printed next to the company name (so that clients can take a picture on their phones to remember all the necessary info).

*The market floor should have a good number of people walking around wearing sandwich boards so that they can be easily identified as walking help desks that are there to assist participants with booth numbers, as well as information about other locations. (This is especially important since there’s no guide to help attendees locate the fixed help desks.)

*The convention centers should have multiple recycling bins where one can trash printed publications and discarded brochures.

*Finally, in addition to a QR code for the floorplan and event overview on the back of the registration badge, include the URLs so that one can more easily download the information to computers and print the exhibition list if a pocket-flyer is not provided.

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