The first A+E Networks CEE’s local commission for HISTORY Channel in Romania, entitled The Mystery of Dacian Gold, aired on October 31, 2022, following the HISTORY Channel Poland premiere of new documentary series The Hunt for Silesian Treasure.

Izabella Wiley, SVP, general manager at A+E Networks CEE, said: “History can be a fascinating topic, especially when it is history of local people and events. Romanian history is full of courage and mystery. There are so many stories to tell about the past of Romania and how some of those past events still play a role in the present. We begin our Romanian history-telling by exploring The Mystery of Dacian Gold. This is the first docu-series commissioned by the HISTORY Channel in Romania, and it delivers straight out of the gate. In The Mystery of Dacian Gold, viewers will hear thrilling stories, find out about unexplained deaths, see beautiful scenery, and learn about the ancient history of the country and the region.”

The Mystery of Dacian Gold is a hybrid docu-reality program hosted by actor Paul Ipate and globetrotter Simina Cernat. Starting in Ancient Rome and winding up to peaks and riverbeds around Sarmizegetusa, Romania’s Stonehenge, the pair of explorers meet with gold prospectors and local experts who immersed themselves in the mysteries of the largest gold deposits in Europe.

The Romanian premiere follows the premiere of the Polish HISTORY Channel new series The Hunt For Silesian Treasur. The series takes viewers on a journey into the depths of myths and legends about the gold of the Third Reich hidden in Lower Silesia, one of the most mysterious regions of Poland. He will meet with other history aficionados and experts to explore the history /and legends of the region.

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