Here we are reviewing VideoAge‘s traditional September pre-markets Issue. This time, the edition’s front cover cannot help but highlight the fall’s four main markets: MIPCOM, NAB New York Show, the AFM, and MIP Cancun. Each of these events has its own challenges and potentials.

The Issue starts with MIPCOM, described as “the mother of all TV markets,” and then moves to the American Film Market (AFM), MIP Cancun, the NAB Show in New York, and the Asia TV Forum (ATF), and makes sure to list the rest of the upcoming fall markets on its calendar page.

The drama inherent in this year’s AFM is clear just from reading the headline: “All Eyes Are on the AFM: Success Necessary at Any Cost.” But the preview story also highlights the market’s resilience, as well as the industry’s willingness to support it.

MIP Cancun, on the other hand, seems to be on a winning path, and the piece about it is titled: “MIP Cancun to Gain as a LATAM In-Between Market.”

As such, no spoiler alert is needed here to see that other markets will likely lose out to MIP Cancun, especially considering the challenges facing NATPE 2023 in the Bahamas.

The Issue also covers the ATF, which “Returns In Person After an Initial Reluctance,” and the National Broadcasting Association’s NAB Show, which “Reconnects in New York City.”

Since the Issue focuses on international film/TV markets, the means of getting there can’t be ignored, and therefore, there is a story about airfare costs, “Due to Short Airline Management Vision, [Airline Prices] Are Highly Unfair.”

And fans of the unpredictable My2¢ won’t be disappointed with a review that delves into the reasons why the “entertainment industry is going through an unprecedented era of transition, with new-school executives who find it hard to deal with today’s innovations.”

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