Not every famous personality who hails from Abruzzo is known in that central Italian region. Yes, people over there have heard of Madonna, Dean Martin, Alan Alda, Henry Mancini, Mario Lanza, Al Martino, Perry Como, Bradley Cooper, Penny Marshall, and the like, all of whom have Abruzzese origins.

In Abruzzo, people might even know of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, also all of Abruzzese origins. But do they know about Oscar winners Anthony Giacchino (who won in the documentary category), Michael Giacchino Jr. (who won for music), and Maurizio Di Vitto (who got his statue for special effects)? Of course, not! What about Nelson DeMille, one of the most prolific fiction writers in the U.S.? Nope! These Abruzzesi are unknown in Abruzzo.

Enter VideoAge editor Dom Serafini — himself an Abruzzo native who’s lived in New York City for decades — to remedy this situation with the publication of not one, not two, but three books about personalities of Abruzzese origins who are known in their respective adopted countries, but not in their region of origin.

Surely one book about talented people from the Abruzzo region living abroad would have been fine. Two books on that topic would be enough. And three… might be too many? However, the author does not want to do a disservice to the additional 58 deserving personalities from Abruzzo who first appeared in his Sunday column in the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, so they’re now the subject of the third volume of the I Messaggeri d’Abruzzo nel Mondo (The Messengers of Abruzzo in the World). The book, just released, includes remarks from Giovanna Di Lello, director of the John Fante Festival (devoted to the 1930s Ask the Dust novelist and Hollywood screenwriter, who was of Abruzzese origins); Laura Di Russo, head of the Abruzzo Region Emigration Office; and Giovanna Frastalli, a sociologist and cultural activist from Abruzzo.

The inspiring adventures of the Abruzzesi abroad never end. It is worth reminding readers that the task of the author and that of the publisher, Edizioni Il Viandante, is to make the success of the Abruzzesi abroad known… in Abruzzo. The task of the institutions in Abruzzo, on the other hand, is to make Abruzzo known abroad (so that it will no longer be necessary to explain that Abruzzo is on the other side of Rome. This is in spite of the fact that George Clooney chose Abruzzo as the setting for his 2010 movie The American).

The talented Abruzzesi featured in the book are known, popular, and appreciated in their respective overseas communities — but not known in Abruzzo.

The subtitle of this third volume of I Messaggeri d’Abruzzo nel Mondo is “How to be successful abroad.” In fact, the book features 58 talents from 36 towns in Abruzzo who achieved success in 12 different countries.

While Abruzzo mainly exported manual labor forces in the past, today it exports brainpower to all sectors, and the book features many examples for those who want ideas on how to explore a good career overseas. Thus, the book is a must-read, especially for young people.

Pictured above is the cover of the book, which is in Italian, and available online outside of Italy.

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