NOMA, the Japanese film studio, will develop an anthology film series on the world of crypto.

The first theatrical feature film The Rhetoric Star is currently in production. The film is produced by filmmaker and NOMA founder Taicho Itô. The second film in the series will be Opus, an animated serialized movie that documents the production process of The Rhetoric Star. The third film will be revealed later in the year.

Sefi Carmel has joined as composer and sound designer. Japanese animator Haruna Gohzu will lead animation of the series.

Taichi Itô said, “Together with our talented team of filmmakers, bitcoin experts and now sound designer Sefi we want to build a series of films that incorporates world-leading knowledge of the crypto industry with creative storytelling. The Rhetoric Star is the first of three new Ips that will change the way audiences learn about and experience crypto. Films are made of image and sound, neither of which comes first, so we want to work with a top-notch crew before casting the performers. The days of following the rules of the film industry are over, but ‘manners are absolute’.”

Pictured: Sefi Carmel and Taichi Itô.

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