Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment revealed the first project to come out of their co-production partnership.

The first of several co-venture projects, CONNECTED is an innovative crime drama series that takes place largely online. The series follows sleuths from around the world who form the online community Homebound Detectives, who use their research skills to solve crimes.

The Japanese version of CONNECTED will debut on Nippon TV in Japan in April 2022. Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment are also in development for a U.K. version.

The worldwide format rights to CONNECTED will be offered at the upcoming Series Mania Forum.

Sayako Aoki, business producer of International Business Development at Nippon TV, commented,  “What we believe is strong about CONNECTED is its relatability you may see in young fresh heroes and their struggles, not necessarily charismatic but charming, and that in how these multilayered and globally expanding stories are told through online and offline world just like how we experience these days. We will be thrilled to see Japanese ‘episode zero’ lead to UK version and to numerous more opportunities, diversifying the universe invented through this East-West collaboration.”

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