In 2021, VideoAge published a total of 99 Water Cooler digital features (which post on Mondays and Thursdays), averaging 8.25 per month, which is a strange number, but statistics being what they are, defies explanation. Indeed, in an article from January 2020, the Canadian publication Data Science asked: “Can analysts and statisticians get along?”

Now, some of those features will be represented here, and for this first review, VideoAge‘s analytical editors selected an initial 20 Water Coolers, which were further refined to the seven seen below, and labeled of “General Interest,” which is an oxymoron since the interest could be general, but not generally accepted. In the next post, we’ll review seven more features selected with the same scientifically proven method as this one, but they’ll be decidedly less controversial.

The Age of Censorship

While people in democratic states tend to think that they enjoy free press, those in authoritarian states know that their media is controlled. Therefore, those who can have historically tried to gain access to the (mostly illegal) media imported from democratic states. Today, however, people in these authoritarian states are starting to believe that even the “free press” is biased, full of fake news and propaganda.

The BBC Under Attack: An Analysis

An old interview that BBC journalist Martin Bashir did with Princess Diana 25 years ago caused a lot of problems for the U.K.’s public broadcast system this year when the BBC was accused of having obtained access to the late princess by using deceptive means.

Screamers Before the Streamers

Back in the day, when the television industry was a product of “Main Street,” the sector was known to attract “screamers,” execs who liked to yell at their underlings. Ever since Main Street was hijacked by Wall Street, though, those screamers were replaced by mild streamers, whose execs typically vie for fewer international sales so as to keep more content for their own platforms.

The Left Has Lost Its Sense of Humor 

The 1970s gave birth to TV characters like Archie Bunker of All in the Family, who was offensive to practically everyone. But that type of character wouldn’t work in today’s woke times. These days, progressives are quick to “cancel” anyone and anything they don’t agree with.

Ethnic Media in the U.S. Needs to Be Discovered

During the 2020 U.S. election cycle, some $8.5 billion was spent across TV, radio, print, and digital media. But with the exception of some Latino-Hispanic TV channels, ethnic media was largely ignored by U.S. political campaigns.

What I Left Behind in Kabul

Farrell Meisel, an international broadcaster who’s launched, managed, and consulted with media companies worldwide, writes about his experiences during a two-year posting in Kabul, and how disheartened he was to see the chaos that ensued when American troops pulled out so haphazardly earlier this year.

Alice Donenfeld: Re-sells in a Digital Era is a 0 to 1 Proposition

In the past, most TV licenses and sales were made person to person. These days, that’s rarely the case. Technology might have made the game easier, but it’s created a colder, less accessible world.

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