NATPE, like CES, the electronics trade show that will take place in Las Vegas in early January 2022, has taken a slew of safety precautions to make the return to an in-person event safe from COVID contagion.

NATPE organizers have posted a list of safety measures on their website and have prepared the following bullet points for VideoAge, including the fact that “Vaccinations are required for our event.” Case in point is the RSVP form for the ViacomCBS party, for example, in which invitees are requested to indicate the type of vaccine they received, and dates of the vaccine’s two doses. The point being that, after two years with COVID, the pandemic can no longer be considered an “emergency” or “crisis,” but something that all participants have to learn how to live with.

Other safety precautions include:

  • Daily health survey via mobile
  • Complimentary facemasks on-site
  • NATPE SAFE station with touch-free sanitizer, disposable masks, and other safety items
  • Temperature checks
  • Outdoor tent, providing indoor and outdoor options
  • Masks are mandatory for NATPE staff, service providers, and vendors
  • Increased disinfection of all meeting spaces
  • Cleaning reinforced in all exhibition spaces
  • High-contact areas will be frequently disinfected
  • Secured privatized areas (e.g., the conference area that leads back to the Fontainebleau hotel –– NATPE’s venue –– as well as the ballroom and networking tent outside, places accessible only with NATPE badges)
  • NATPE’s Director of Safety and Health will oversee the entire COVID safety plan on-site

These precautions will contribute to make the big annual event in Miami Beach, Florida (which is being held January 18-20, 2022), a safe one for all, as symbolically indicated by the above photo, taken at NATPE Miami 2019, which depicts Susan Bender (seated) and Sally Treibel as they show off a big poster of VideoAge.

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