Dynamic Television and Kaiho Republic entered a partnership with C More for the new Finnish crime series The Reindeer Mafia.

The Reindeer Mafia portrays a power struggle between members of a family that controls local businesses and owns vast areas of surrounding land. When matriarch Brita Nelihanka dies, her family is torn apart when her will is revealed and family secrets come to light. The original series will star Samuli Edelmann, Mikael Persbrandt, and Anna-Maija Tuokko.

Dynamic TV will handle international distribution.

Klaus Zimmermann, managing partner for Dynamic Television, commented, “The Reindeer Mafia is an incredibly intriguing and unique story that brings audiences into a corner of the world they’ve never seen. We are excited to partner with Kaiho Republic, C More and this very impressive cast.”

Pete Eklund and Liisa Penttilä-Asikainen from Kaiho Republic stated, “The series and its unique fictive world have received large international interest during the entire development process. We are happy to have such talented cast and crew on board.”

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