Studio Hamburg scored the international distribution rights to My Husband’s Wife.

Produced Lucy Loves Drama for YLE, the new drama follows the story of a businessman whose double life is revealed after suffering a stroke. When two women arrive claiming to be his wife, he dies and leaves his partners and their children with questions and major financial problems. The lives of these two women become intertwined when they are forced to live together to make the most of the inheritance. The cast features Kristo Salminen, Pirjo Lonka, Bruno Baer, Sara Soulié, and Ella Kangas.

My Husband’s Wife will premiere in January 2022.

Kerstin Grünwald, director of International Sales at Studio Hamburg Enterprises, commented, “My Husband’s Wife is an emotionally intense drama series with a universal appeal, with a captivating plot filled with lies, deception, and ultimately friendship in the face of adversity. It has a wonderful cast, and the character arcs make for compelling and gripping viewing, appealing to a wide audience. The talented Lucy Loves Drama team has a great vision for this series and will really bring this complex drama to life.”

Oskari Huttu, producer and head of Drama of Lucy Loves, added, “My Husband’s Wife is one of my all time favorite projects. It’s been a pleasure working with my long-time collaborators, director Inari Niemi and screenwriter Juuli Niemi with this unique story, and now I’m really happy that the brilliant team of Studio Hamburg are joining us with the world sales.”

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