Big Bad Boo Studios confirmed the greenlight to the new original series Galapagos X.

Commissioned with Canadian broadcasters TVOKids, SRC Radio-Canada, Knowledge Kids, and TFO, Galapagos X explores climate change with relevant and empowering stories. The new series follows a group of four life science explorers and their blue-footed bird who come from a future in order to solve environmental problems. The series features several notable talents, including Jennifer Robertson as the power-hungry Doc Crock.

In addition to the TV series and a digital storybook, Big Bad Boo will also develop an interactive virtual reality component for audiences to explore different ecosystems.

Shabnam Rezaei, co-founder and president of Big Bad Boo Studios, commented, “With Galapagos X, we hope to give kids fun stories, lots of comedy and practical, everyday tips on ways to prevent future environmental disasters from happening.”

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