RX France, formerly known as Reed MIDEM, announced plans to reshape the forthcoming MIPTV.

The 59th edition of MIPCOM will see the introduction of a reformatted three-day schedule with MIPFormats and MIPDoc incorporated into the market’s main programming. The seventh edition of MIPDrama will provide an exclusive first look at upcoming drama series for international buyers. The market will also feature a new exhibition floor plan and curated flexible meeting spaces within the Palais des Festival.

MIPTV will take place from April 4-6, 2022. The market will also run alongside CanneSeries and Esports Bar.

Lucy Smith, director of MIPTV & MIPCOM at RX France, commented, “It is both hugely exciting and very timely to be able to now realize our ambitions for reshaping MIPTV. We believe the MIP community needs the MIPTV platform this spring more than ever as the global meeting point for their business. My role is to make sure that the MIP experience continues to excite and deliver as we evolve and streamline the format.”

Smith added, “Our progressive plans build on all that is loved about Cannes, and its standing as the red-carpet capital of the world, whilst evolving to give greater flexibility, cost efficiencies and a broader canvas of opportunities at a key time in the industry calendar.” 

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