Writing talents in Brazil is the topic of the conversation at MIP Cancun on Wednesday, November 17, at 10 a.m. in the Arena Conference room of the Moon Palace Resort. The two panelists are, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian crime novelist and lawyer Raphael Montes de Carvalho, and Noah Jones, CEO of the Madison, Wisconsin-based FWRD MGMT, an independent management and consulting company servicing clients in the film and television industry, with a focus on literary talent and Intellectual Property.

The half-hour talk, moderated by VideoAge‘s Dom Serafini, will analyze how today’s booming Brazilian market can provide growth opportunities and how talent from the region can reach wider audiences internationally.

The title of the session is “Spotlight on Brazil: Local Talent & Ideas,” and it is a topic that is much discussed in the U.S. and throughout the world, brought up by the advent of streaming media giants.

Recently, in an interview with THR about the upcoming pilot season, New York City-based Erin Junkin, co-head of the TV Literary division at William Morris Endeavor, explained that writers aren’t interested in selling to broadcast anymore because broadcast still operates on specific timelines and writers want to choose the best time to sell their ideas.

The MIP Cancun seminar on writing talent is a topic of interest to writers, development executives, producers, talent agents, and especially broadcast executives.

Pictured above are, l. to r.: Noah Jones, Raphael Montes de Carvalho, and Dom Serafini

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