Just before MIP Cancun opens its doors at the Moon Palace Resort on November 16 for its latest in-person TV market, reps for NATPE announced that NATPE Miami will also be held in person, and will begin on January 18, 2022.

Both LATAM-centric TV markets are fully covered in VideoAge’s upcoming November Issue — in both its printed and digital editions.

For those who missed the in-person MIPCOM TV market in Cannes in October, VideoAge‘s November Issue has a comprehensive report that will make readers feel as though they had been there themselves.

A preview of the MIP Cancun market will give market participants insider info as to whom to look for and what to expect from the point of view of sellers and buyers alike.

Veteran TV executive John Laing of Los Angeles-based Rallie is VideoAge‘s 33rd International Hall of Fame honoree. The article about him is entertaining, factual, and an informative read for history buffs, as well.

The My2¢ editorial analyzes why it has taken the TV distribution industry so long to return to “business as usual” since the start of the pandemic — much longer than any other sector.

Then there is one story about the moneymaking machines of the studios streaming platforms versus their abandoned content distribution business, and another story about the newest digital TV standard in Italy. After that the Issue moves to Canada to delve deep into the Rogers’ family saga and its media group’s in-fighting, then to Los Angeles to find out what the NBC TV network plans to do with the broadcast of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe Awards.

Finally, the book review tackles the evolution of the book industry’s digital revolution, and on the international traveling side, ways to make flying less stressful while going to the markets listed on the calendar page.

All in all, it’s a very good Issue, which can be found in print and online here.

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