MIP Cancun “is one of the most important markets in the region and in that sense it offers a great opportunity to generate alliances with main partners, not only in the region, but throughout the world. It is a window where our region becomes relevant in the global concert of the rest of the markets,” said Mercedes Feu, Programming Acquisition director for Argentina’s Telefe.

“MIP Cancun is a great opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over the world and share the trends that are transforming our industry,” echoed Paula Kirchner, LATAM Content Unscripted director, Original Production, for WarnerMedia Latin America’s HBO Max in Argentina. She continued: “We find the networking opportunities to be the most relevant aspect of the event and we also value the screenings of the content released at the event.”

José Alonso Navarro Contreras, head of Acquisitions for Chile’s Canale 13, was even more enthusiastic: “MIP Cancun is one of the great LATAM markets for worldwide content. It is also important for us because it allows exchanges with other LATAM buyers.”

As for programming, Feu said: “We have an agenda of meetings with studios and channels from Latin America and the rest of the world. As at other markets, we are looking for new dramas with compelling stories and high levels of production value. When it comes to entertainment, we are pioneers in adapting large show formats, such as MasterChef and The Voice, thanks to our know-how and the technical capacity to produce these large-scale formats.”

Kirchner gave an extensive report: “At WarnerMedia Latin America we are constantly looking for innovative content that can attract our vast and diverse audience in the region. We want to explore new narratives and formats that can surprise, move and thrill, and are always developed with high-quality creative and technical standards.”

She continued: “At MIP Cancun, the team of Original Production led by Ricardo Pichetto [Content division led by Paula Kirchner and Unscripted Content division with Sergio Nakasone], will be looking for new trends in non-fiction content, including formats, interesting topics and approaches for documentaries, bio-pics, and music content. In addition, our Scripted Content Development team, led by Marcelo Tamburri, will also be at MIP Cancun, exploring drama formats for this area.”

She then added: “We will be looking at Latin American content, with a focus on the different markets of the region, for our direct-to-consumer streaming platform, HBO Max in Latin America.”

Navarro Contreras will be “looking at LATAM and worldwide content, mainly at telenovelas, series, and entertainment formats.”

Finally, when asked her thoughts about the return to an in-person market Feu said: “We have high expectations for this edition of MIP Cancun, with the return of an in-person event. It will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to reconnect personally with all of our industry colleagues.”

And, said Kirchner, “We prefer in-person events for sure. They are much better to meet with colleagues, get to discuss important aspects of our business, share our views, and bond in a much deeper way.”

Navarro Contreras added: “I prefer in-person events.”

Pictured above, from. l. to r.: Mercedes Feu, José Alonso Navarro Contreras, and Paula Kirchner

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