Rakuten TV and Surf Channel announced that filming began on Barcelona Surf Destination.

Barcelona Surf Destination will follow Brazilian surfer Ítalo Ferreira, who won the 2019 World Surf League before going on to win the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, and Barcelona surfer Alex Vilalta. The documentary takes viewers on a journey across different locations where surfing plays a significant role in the culture, such as Castelldefels or Malgrat del Mar.

Barcelona Surf Destination joins the collection of Rakuten Originals, which showcases documentaries such as Break Point: A Davis Cup Story, Ride Your Dream, The Secrets of La Roja, and The Australian Dream, among others.

Barcelona Surf Destination will be available for free on Rakuten TV’s linear and on-demand programming across 43 European countries in 2022. In addition, the film will broadcast on Surf Channel TV.

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