RX France (the former Reed MIDEM) is determined to make this upcoming MIP Cancun market a success and it has harvested all available resources to do so. To start, Quintana Roo, the Mexican state that encompasses Cancun, has been declared a “Green Zone” (or safe zone) as far as COVID 19 infections are concerned. Secondly, Bénédicte Touchard de Morant, MIP Cancun’s show director, has recruited RX buyers’ coordinator, Francesco Glorioso, as the new marketing product manager, who interacted with more than 4,000 international buyers at MIP and MIPCOM. Additionally, explained Touchard de Morant, “for MIP Cancun, Francesco got in touch with 250 buyers from 18 countries, of which 100 will be in Cancun.”

As far as the sellers’ contingent is concerned, there will be 100 tables. This is in addition to the 120 table for co-producers. In total, Touchard de Morant reported that there will be more than 350 people “who said that they are happy to finally reconnect, learn about new trends, and establish new partnerships.” She’s also expecting a large delegation from France.

Glorioso (pictured above with Touchard de Morant), who’s also in charge of safety protocols, described the procedures. Upon arrival at the Moon Palace Resort the day before the market starts, on Monday, November 15, participants will have to submit to a free COVID test. “The results will be available in 15 minutes and there will be no long waiting time,” said Glorioso. With a negative test participants will get a bracelet, which will allow entrance to the Arena, the market venue within the Moon Palace Resort.

In addition, the table rooms at the Arena will be closed and sanitized every three hours for a few minutes just to be extra safe.

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