Omar Méndez, editor in chief of the Spanish-language publication The Daily Television and Dom Serafini of VideoAge (both pictured above at MIP Cancun 2019) will welcome participants to Mexico for the eighth annual MIP Cancun, back in person after the 2020 live pause.

The LATAM event promises to be a memorable one, with multiple levels of protection from COVID intrusions — from the convention hotel itself, and from the organizers (more on this below).

After surveying many LATAM executives, Méndez reported that “they all intend to attend MIP Cancun.”

Inter Medya’s Beatriz Cea told Serafini, “Everyone [seems to be] delighted to be present at MIP Cancun. There is a lot of positive feedback.” Added VIP’s Roxana Rotundo: “At this point, it is not about having a lot of people at our conventions, but about quality business. We need people committed to do business even if we are but few.”

A reality check came from A+E Networks Latin America’s Cesar Sabroso: “At the end of the day, everyone would like to go, but that doesn’t mean we can.”

However, reassurances came from the Moon Palace hotel’s Conference Service Manager, Leidi Laura Guzman, who sent VideoAge a link with all safety procedures, which include COVID tests and protocols to follow in case of infections. There will be one set of protocols to follow, which will be implemented both by the Moon Palace and Reed Exhibitions (RX), MIP Cancun’s organizers. Interestingly, the protocols don’t call for attendees to show proof of vaccination (by showing what is called a “Green Pass” in Europe and a “CDC card” in the U.S.).

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