Preparations for the first in-person MIPCOM since October 2019 are proceeding feverishly. And VideoAge is putting the final touches on its (printed and digital) MIPCOM Issue, which will be posted online on October 4, 2021, just a few days before its printed edition is distributed in Cannes on October 9.

In addition to its Monthly, in Cannes, VideoAge will be publishing digital dailies that record and broadcast evolving activities, such as the Opening Party, the Eccho Rights party at the Majestic, and a report on the Welcoming Breakfast in the Canadian Pavilion, floor photos, and developing news.

In terms of stories in VideoAge‘s Monthly, expect to see some scintillating articles, such as the one about emerging production powerhouses outside the U.S., a report on buyers’ MIPCOM acquisition strategies, and a piece that will surely be ruffling some feathers about how the U.S. studios’ international TV divisions take on their bosses’ personalities.

And that is not all. Indeed the Issue will feature 15 stories, including one detailing the new U.S. TV season, a preview of markets from Cannes to Cancun, and an interesting piece about an appeal from the Century Plaza Hotel to bring the L.A. Screenings back to its hallowed halls.

Finally, readers will also “revel” over the My2¢ editorial, which will explore how our love of the industry is comparable to the high level of anxiety it generates. It’s entertainment, so we should be having fun. But having fun is a serious business.

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