According to Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director of MISTCO, the Turkey-based international sales company for TRT’s aired content, MISTCO has three recent productions for MIPCOM. First is The Innocents, now on its second season in Turkey. It also airs in Spain on Antena 3. Second is Great Seljuks: The Legend of Alparslan (pictured above), a new title that will premiere internationally in Cannes. And third is Barbarossa: Sword of The Mediterranean, another hit historical drama from TRT this season.

“We are producing universal stories,” said Tuzun. “The Innocents outlines the importance of mental health over childhood traumas. And our historical dramas, like Great Seljuks: The Legend of Alparslan and Barbarossa: Sword of The Mediterranean, offer human stories.”

Regarding historical dramas, explained Tuzun, “TRT has the best know-how for the production of such series, and they have the dedication for such a genre to succeed both in the local and international markets.”

She continued: “In our historical dramas we offer strong stories with great production quality that is comparable to Hollywood movies. In addition, in these series, we are presenting the characters as real humans: with their faults, love stories, and family lives.”

Finally, concluded Tuzun, “Let’s not forget that last season was great for MISTCO thanks to our ratings-leading series. In addition to The Innocents, that list includes Shadow Team, about patriots who sacrifice their lives for their country, and An Anatolian Tale, a very touching love story set in Anatolia.”

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