Prime Entertainment Group confirmed that German broadcaster SWR acquired Vanille, A Caribbean Tale.

Produced by Folimage, Vanille, A Caribbean Tale portrays a nine-year-old Parisian named Vanille, who is sent to spend the summer with her aunt in Guadeloupe. On her holiday, she dives into an adventure full of mystery, charming characters, a magical flower, while reconnecting with her roots. The animated film will broadcast on the free-to-air kids’ channel KiKA.

Alexandra Marguerite, head of Sales at Prime Entertainment Group, commented, “We are proud to start collaboration with such major player as SWR and KiKA. We are happy that German audience will discover the adventurous and bright personality of Vanille who has conquered many hearts around the world already. We continue to offer strong and authentic animation programs to our international partners such as public services and dedicated kids’ channels.”

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