Dandelooo inked new deals for Billy the Cowboy Hamster.

Currently in production by Dandelooo’s Ooolala, Billy the Cowboy Hamster portrays a little hamster who was raised on exciting stories of the Wild West and wants to become a cowboy. Every new day presents him with an adventure worthy of the greatest cowboys. The series is based on the book series by Dutch author and illustrator Catharina Valckx.

The preschool series has been presold to Super RTL in Germany, DR in Denmark, and SVT in Sweden, RTS in Switzerland, NRK in Norway, Arte Editions, KMBO in France, and TV5 Monde.

Emmanuèle Pétry Sirvin, co-founder of Dandelooo, commented, “We love the world created by Catharina Valkx based on sincere kindness and true friendship. We are honored and delighted to say that she loves our adaptation and will include the new characters we created into her future books too!”

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