Nippon TV unveiled two new formats available in the fall.

Money or Junk features contestants who compete by creating new value from seemingly junk material. Contestants are sent to remote locations and must use available resources to sell various items on e-commerce apps. The unscripted business survival game show format broadcast on Nippon TV in July 2021. The show’s high ratings earned it a second show on the network later in the year

Scripted dramedy series Life’s Punchline (pictured) portrays three young comedians who face new obstacles after deciding to give up on their dream. Their obstacles, however, become a telling prelude to a glittering future.

Mikiko Nishiyama, managing director of International Business Development at Nippon TV, stated, “Our two new formats for this fall are unique in that their idiosyncrasies and quirks that give them quite the twist. Following in the footsteps of Nippon TV’s highly successful business format Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank, with more than 40 versions in 186 territories, Money or Junk was created with a business concept at its core, updated with craft, survival elements for the entire family audience in the digital era.”

Nishiyama continued, “Additionally, Life’s Punchline has ‘clues’ that will make viewers drop their jaw in surprise and laughter. The story centers around a comedy trio, and each episode opens with a comedic skit which eventually blends into bigger plots of the drama. Vividly depicting each character’s worries and emotional conflicts in their late 20s that stem from their dream, job, family, and romantic interest, viewers are sure to find someone they can relate to.”

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