Fans of podcasts and audio listeners, rejoice! The audio versions of the main stories from VideoAge‘s August/September 2021 Issue are now online, courtesy of our Canadian partner, Descriptive Video Works.

Curiously, even though the word “podcast” was introduced in 2004 as a combination of “iPod” and “broadcast,” there still isn’t a word for those who listen to podcasts. So, after a 17 year wait here’s our word for it: Podlisteners.

Those readers who are multitasking and like to listen to VideoAge‘s compelling stories while simultaneously doing other activities like texting, feeding the dog, and watching TV can quickly go to and see the “audio version” link.

The stories worth listening to include one about Series Mania, the fall’s first in-person TV event, one previewing MIPCOM as it returns to its live marketplace origins, and one reviewing VideoAge‘s 41 years through its 41 covers, including comments from international TV executives about the good and the bad parts of those 41 years. Plus, there’s the My2¢ editorial that seems to be confused as to whether or not 41 years have passed or just 14.

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