August is a good month to publish an edition of VideoAge. In the summery northern hemisphere, entertainment companies have begun preparing for the fall trade shows. They are mindful of all the implications that the pandemic has created, and are thus eager to be informed.

Similarly, in the wintery southern hemisphere, entertainment executives have been monitoring the news to gauge what their colleagues in the north are up to with regard to NAB, MIPCOM, the AFM, MIP Cancun, and the ATF.

Into these months of assessment comes VideoAge‘s August/September Issue, which offers stories about preparations for the return of an in-person MIPCOM and Series Mania markets, in addition to the still virtual Le Rendez-Vous sales event for French TV programs. Plus, we’ve included facts and figures about the recently concluded Cannes Film Fest.

The Issue also marks a milestone for VideoAge, which is cleverly reported by displaying 41 of its past front covers: one for each year of its existence.

History buffs will certainly enjoy reviewing the various business eras, while others will get a kick out of realizing how VideoAge dealt with streaming in 1998, how AVoD and SVoD was reported on in 2004, and how VideoAge predicted the advent of virtual TV trade shows back in 2010.

To complement the covers’ display, 13 entertainment executives from eight countries reported their most challenging and enjoyable occurrences that took place during the span of those years.

The calendar page –– a must for international TV executives –– lists seven TV trade shows, of which five are to be in-person events, one will be hybrid, and one will remain virtual.

Monitoring the ins-and-outs of the international air travel business is also a task that VideoAge fulfills with diligent reports. Finally, with his “My 2¢ editorial, our editor wonders if he accidentally inverted the digits, so that instead of 41, just 14 years have passed still VideoAge came into existence.

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