Fourteen film-TV executives from eight countries recounted their “Most Challenging” and “Most Enjoyable” experiences that have taken place during the span of VideoAge‘s 41 years of service to the entertainment industry.

This decades-long milestone will be celebrated with a special August/September 2021 Issue featuring 41of VideoAge‘s front covers, one for each year, starting in 1981.

Selecting those 41 front covers from over 300 produced (just for the Monthly) was more challenging than facing the anxiety associated with the creation of each front cover. But then the enjoyment, belated though it was, came with seeing front covers such as the one that introduced streaming (then called webcasting) in 1998, the one explaining AVod, SVod, and its ilk, as early as 2004, and the cover in 2010 that predicted the advent of virtual TV trade shows.

Thirteen of the aforementioned comments, which came from executives as far as Argentina and Australia, will be published in the upcoming August/September Issue. Featured below are comments from veteran entertainment executive Danny Fisher (pictured above), CEO of the Brooklyn, New York-based FilmRise, who leveraged streamers’ technological tools to program a TV hit.

Most challenging times: “Most challenging for me has been not being able to see most of our 85 employees in person during this pandemic. Our team has really stepped up, working long hours, holding numerous virtual meetings every day, and releasing thousands of video assets every month across over two dozen platforms worldwide. I look forward to seeing our wonderful team in person as soon as health considerations permit.”

Most enjoyable times: “I derive great personal satisfaction whenever our unique data analytics algorithms accurately predict huge performance that surprises the industry. The recent emergence of Heartland as our top title was anticipated by our algorithms. We have more big hits yet to be announced in our pipeline, and I look forward to continuing to corroborate our analytics.”

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