Los Angeles-based Rallie LLC has recently acquired all rights to the 23-hour action/adventure ROBOCOP: The Series and is now the worldwide distributor of the show in a brand-new, just-released 16 X 9 HD FF format, along with its original version. ROBOCOP: The Series is considered one of the greatest TV franchises of all time and now returns to television in this high-tech, high-gloss HD action/adventure hour.

This is the original highly rated hit series syndicated throughout the U.S. and distributed internationally in 189 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K., Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the ex-CIS, Latin America, and Asia including Australia and New Zealand.

ROBOCOP: The Series achieved record ratings, especially as a strip series, and was an enormous hit in the U.K. where it played on ITV and the Syfy Channel, in France on M6, on Italy’s Italia Uno, on Germany’s RTL, in Japan on Tokyo TV 12, and on Channel 7 in Australia, among many others.

In its relaunch, Fox’s Tubi has already exclusively re-licensed the new digital original version of ROBOCOP: The Series’ 16 X 9 FF in the U.S. with both Sinclair Broadcasting licensing the new HD 16 X 9 FF version, and Liberation Hall relaunching the series in both versions in Blu-ray and DVD.

ROBOCOP: The Series has already been picked up by Italy’s Sky Italia for its initial run in HD. The series is available in English, French, German, Italian and Lat Am Spanish languages.

Set in 2005, the series tells the tale of police officer Alex Murphy (Richard Eden), who is badly wounded in the line of duty. His body is damaged beyond repair. As expert medical teams frantically work to save his life, they decide to take matters into a totally new and innovative direction by combining Alex’s body with robotic parts to create the ultimate law officer: ROBOCOP. During the sudden transformation Murphy’s memory is erased. He now has a singular purpose to fight crime as a dedicated police officer. Nevertheless, there are moments when Murphy’s brain recalls flashes from his past life as distant memories jolt his conscience.

In ROBOCOP: The Series, Murphy aka ROBOCOP, continues to enforce justice as he patrols the streets of Detroit. Once again partnered with Officer Madigan, the duo fights to rid the bustling metropolis of crime and evil. ROBOCOP: The Series attracts the same loyal audiences the world over as the ROBOCOP franchise has always done in a series of movies grossing more than $500 million, with more in the pipeline.

Edward Neumeier and Michel Milner, who wrote the original 1987 ROBOCOP movie, penned the pilot episode for the series ROBOCOP: The Future of Law Enforcement with Rob Bottin, creating the special effects as he did for the films. The series produced in 1995/6 comprises a two-hour pilot and 21 one-hour episodes.

ROBOCOP: The Series is a combination of smart writing, great production value, and spectacular special effects in a top-rated franchise,” said Rallie’s John Laing (pictured above), who added: “In these difficult and restricted times. ROBOCOP is a global smash hit multi-episode series and remains forever an entertainment classic in the annals of television.”

Established in 2009 Rallie LLC is emerging as a significant independent force in the worldwide distribution and production of top-quality television programming. The company spearheads the distribution of over 250 hours of programming, including Pacific Blue, Universal Soldier 2 & 3, The Mary Higgins Clark Collection of 13 films, the Original Betty Broderick Story, and a large slate of features, TV movies and documentaries.

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