It felt like anything and everything that could happen did happen in the international television business between1981 and 2021. These four decades are now being recounted through 41 years of VideoAge covers.

For editorial impact each of the four decades reviewed in the upcoming celebratory August/September Issue of VideoAge will be described with taglines like “1981-1990: The Easy Rider,” “1991-2000: The Serious Business,” “2001-2010: Dealing With Changes,” and “2011-2021: Facing Challenges.”

Indeed, the past four decades saw every imaginable event unfold, and television faithfully recorded these happenings for home viewers as international content sales executives were on the ground facing the new challenges head-on — while also savoring great rewards.

In addition to editor Dom Serafini putting in his 2¢ with his usual sardonic verve, through this Issue, international TV sales executives and content buyers will recall the most enjoyable and challenging times they experienced throughout the decades. World News and a calendar of events for the rest of 2021 will cap off an Issue that will surely fascinate content buyers and sellers alike, whether part of the “old guard,” “new guard,” or “emerging guard.”

Looking at the 41 VideoAge front covers will not only illustrate how the executives’ way of doing business evolved, but also how the TV content that international buyers favored has changed throughout the years, until reaching the evolutionary (or revolutionary) year 2021.

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