Electric Entertainment acquired the feature film Hounds of War.

Co-produced by Trilight Entertainment and Jaggurnaught, the action-packed film stars Frank Grillo (pictured) in an adventure featuring a group of mercenaries. The team takes on a mission that goes wrong due to a shocking betrayal, and only one of them is left to avenge his fallen brothers.

Hounds of War’s production team includes Trilight Entertainment’s Shayne Putzlocher and Jaggurnaught’s Jean Pierre Magro, Pedja Miletic, and Aaron Briffa. The film will begin shooting in fall 2021 in Malta.

Nolan Pielak, senior vice president of International Distribution at Electric Entertainment, commented, “Frank Grillo has become an international superstar, and with the continuous appetite for commercial action features, a project like Hounds of War will be highly sought-after in territories worldwide.”

Putzlocher, producer of the film, said, “I can speak for the whole team and say we are absolutely thrilled to have Frank as the star of our film. His commitment to the script and his superior experience in the action genre are going to give audiences a real treat.”

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