Casta Diva Entertainment, part of Casta Diva Group, has developed a strong slate of new projects over seven months.

Founded in January 2021 by Massimo Righini (pictured at left with Fabio Nesi), the business unit will release the cooking shows Tarabaralla and C’è ciccia, motor-enthusiast series Fare detailing con Marcello Mereu, and dating show Back in time – A fairytale love.

Featuring Damiano Carrara, Tarabaralla showcases VIPs and influencers who will try to create sweet recipes. The cooking show will be available exclusively on Discovery+.

C’è ciccia features chef and butcher Luca Terni on a journey to discover delicious dishes of the Tuscan tradition. The cooking format will air in September on Food Network.

Set to air in September on Motor Trend, Fare detailing con Marcello Mereu deals with the secrets of car care. The show will share operations and procedures to keep vehicles in the best shape.

Lastly, Back in time places its contestants in 19th-century costumes to find their soulmates without technology. The dating show will stream in Discovery+.

Massimo Righini, chief creative officer of Casta Diva Entertainment, commented, “Among the shows already created for Discovery we are very proud of Back in time – A fairytale love, an original project that we created, starting from intuition. In addition to these, we are working on the production of three documentaries and the scripted line has already started; we are about to create our first biopic of a great character in Italian history.”

Righini continued, “Finally, we are working to produce five interesting scripted projects in Italy, two of which are musicals, but the element that satisfies us the most is the interest of foreign countries in our original projects: we are, in fact, dealing on an international level to sell our formats to other countries, showing that we have not only thought of something really interesting and unpublished, but that we have also managed to access unexplored fields; this gives us a lot of energy acknowledging that, despite Casta Diva Entertainment has just been founded, is already on the right path.”

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