By mixing the music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the Matador’s Espana Cani, three VideoAge operatives have created a public service announcement (PSA) video to promote vaccination around the world with the advice, “Take the COVID by the horns and get vaccinated.”

It is hoped that, in countries where the vaccines are readily available, TV outlets will use it as an inspiration and create their own PSAs to promote vaccination, eradicate this virus in their countries, and swiftly move to help other, less fortunate countries to obtain the necessary vaccines.

The VideoAge PSA starts with Vivaldi’s Winter, moves to Matador Paso Doble’s Bullfight Ring, and ends with Vivaldi’s Summer. VideoAge‘s PSA promo video highlights the fact that vaccinations will allow us to finally beat back the virus and take COVID by the horns!

The team: Dom Serafini, creative; Claudio Mattioni, technical and artistic support; Bruno Marracino, editing and animation.

VideoAge‘s PSA promo video can be seen at:

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