Federation Kids & Family, a division of Federation Entertainment, teamed up with the Chinese media companies Tencent Video and UYoung Media on new series Kung Fu Wa!

Co-produced by Tencent and UYoung, the animated action comedy combines the pizzazz of girl power and Kung Fu. The series follows a curious eight-year-old girl named Tee Zee who comes across a Kung Fu master who was transformed into a sock. When she puts on the sock on, she transforms into a super heroine and embarks on missions to protect the world.  

Federation Kids & Family will oversee worldwide distribution, outside of China and Latin America.

Monica Levy, Head of Sales, Federation Kids & Family said: “This series is brimming with action, adventure, and humor, as well as endearing moments especially around the special relationship that forms between TeeZee and the Kung Fu Master; like an odd couple that thrive together to fight evil. It’s wonderful to be working with UYoung again, and to be representing one of their high-end productions that we can’t wait to show our buyers.”

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