Studio 100 Group and TV Cultura confirmed the success of Mia and me (O mundo de Mia) in Brazil.

Since broadcasting in October 2020, Mia and me continues to perform well in ratings, and it is currently in the top five programs on TV Cultura. The live-action/CGI hybrid series also ranked second for the TV channel across all target groups in the greater São Paulo region. The first two seasons of the series are currently airing on TV Cultura.

Mia and me follows the twelve-year-old title character into the wondrous world of Centopia, an idyllic kingdom of elves, unicorns, and dragons. When the evil Queen Panthea seeks to capture the unicorns for herself, Mia must safeguard the golden-horned Onchoa. With season three available, season four and a feature film are in production for 2022.  

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