Crescendo House, a new boutique distribution company, launched in North America with a compelling film slate.

Founded by Jason Ooi, Crescendo House’s release strategy is focused around limited edition, collector’s home video products. Each handpicked film in the company’s portfolio will receive an exclusive collector’s home video release, with bespoke artwork, packaging, and extra content.

At launch, Crescendo House’s film slate includes three films: the anti-war fantasy drama Labyrinth of Cinema (pictured) from Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi, genre-mashup Marxist comedy Bloodsuckers from Julian Radlmaier, and drama Fukuoka from Chinese-Korean filmmaker Lü Zhang.

Jason Ooi, founder of Crescendo House, remarked, “We see a change coming in how films are being distributed. Crescendo House operates with three goals in mind. To elevate the perception of home video, which has long been the largest market for these kinds of unique films. To preserve the sanctity of the theatrical space and the communities that form around them so they can escape from reality and feel enriched by the stories of others. And to raise the visibility for these works, so they are not lost to future generations.”

Ooi continued, “We want to rejuvenate that sense of curiosity by encouraging new audiences to take a chance on something different, rather than be satisfied at the mercy of algorithms. If we can convert audiences to non-mainstream content by showing them it’s not inaccessible but entertaining, engaging, and educational, then we’ll have created something good.”

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